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Challenges COMPLETED

(Little and Big,
Planned and UNPLANNED)


Completed 100km Ultra Marathon Challenge in 23 hours

Climbed Kilimanjaro (5,895m) Highest peak in Africa


Walked long distance footpath 'The Arden Way' in one day (46km)

Cycled 315km of the Hebridean Way - 10 Islands, 6 Causeways & 2 Ferries

Ran a 30km section of the Geo Park Way all through the night

Guiness Book of Records Holder for Most Users to complete a 10k run in 24 hours

Completed Man v Coast 40km adventure race


Climbed Mount Toubkal (4,167m) Highest peak in North Africa and Arab World

Walked the full length of Stratford on Avon Canal

Climbed Ben Nevis

Ran a 5km Parkrun in my back garden

Sailed around Isle of Wight


Ice Skated 100 miles down a frozen lake in Outer Mongolia

Featured in a TV advert for Exodus Travels, aired on Boxing Day

Sailed overnight from Poole to Normandy


A 300km Husky Expedition through Norway, Finland and Sweden

Snowholing for the night in Rjukan, Norway

Man v Lakes 52km Ultra Adventure Marathon across the Lake District

Welsh Trail Marathon

Stratford upon Avon Marathon

Broke my wrist practicing for Mongolia ice skating challenge


Man v Mountain 22miles Adventure race up Snowdon from Sea Level


Back surgery (discectomy) to relieve a prolapsed disc


The Fan Dance 23km SAS style Test March up and down Pen-y-Fan (twice) with a 35lb bergen


Scotland Coast to Coast race (bike, foot and kayak) 110miles

Stratford upon Avon Triathlon

Stratford upon Avon Half Marathon

Forest of Dean Half Marathon

Shakespeare Ride (bike)

Operation on big toe to relieve arthritis


Operation on shoulder to relieve arthritis 

Pre 2012

Travelled round the world with my now wife working in Philadelphia, USA and Sydney Australia along the way

Attained level of Dive Leader in BSAC (British Sub-Aqua Club)

Special Skills

I wouldn't profess to having any special skills as such. In all these challenges I have completed I wouldn't say I'm an expert at any of them. But, I have trained for them, given them a go, tried my hardest and managed to complete them.

I've enjoyed all of them and more importantly I have learned a lot about myself along the way that I believe would help others complete their own challenges.

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